2 December 2016, officers from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 5 officers of IDACA from Japan: Mr. Yasunori ARAKI Director for Int’l Trade Policy Negotiation, Overseas Investment & Cooperation Division, International Affairs Department, Mr. Toshiyuki SHINADA Deputy Dir. Overseas Investment & Cooperation Division, International Affairs, Dept., Mr. Koh HARADA Ex-managing director of JA Zenno, Mr. Yukio ABE Cooperative Development Consultant and Ms. Hiroko TAYAMA Staff of training dep’t, attended the learning exchange conference with Director of Cooperative Academic Institute about the situation and direction of Thai Cooperative Movement in the second century and the innovations and creative model from researches facilitated by Sampran Riverside Hotel, Sampran district, Nakhon Pathom. Then on 3 December, the Japanese officers and director of the Cooperative Academic Institute attended the exchange seminar with the hotel’s managing director, Mr. Aruth Nawaraj, about Sampran Business Model then visited Sukchai Market.

Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s officers invited the Institute’s director as narrator in topic of “Experience of Thailand for creation of RVC for small scale farmers” in the “ASEAN Food Value Chain Seminar: Marketing of Agricultural Products for Small Scale Farmers” seminar organized by MAFF Japan and JA ZENCHU in April 2017, Japan.