Research Program

The CAI aims to foster, co-ordinate and promote the dissemination of interdisciplinary research related to co-operative economy in Thailand and related parties. The Development of Co-operatives and Fairtrade Research Programs (The DC&F) is a main research program of CAI supported by Thailand Research Fund ( TRF) since 2004. It provides research grants for researchers to cooperate in joint research through the research’s committee.

The DC&F emphases on the importance of collaborative arrangment to maximize the benefits of research through an enhanced process of utilization, commercialization and technological transfer. It also has a strong education component with a focus on producing certificates with skills relevant to co-operative and community needs.

The technical and independent review of the DC&F has been regularly conducted since 2003. The DC&Fs has received financial support from TRF 98 million over the past decade. There are 123,422 people and 2,922 organizations participated in this program.

Our aim is also to disseminate research findings on co-operatives as widely as possible. We do this by producing a range of accessible publications for wide circulation in the co-operative movement and beyond. The publications, along with a selection of academic papers, can be viewed and download in the website ( Our information centre provides publications and research documents relate to co-operative research. We also present papers and other contributions on research at conference and other events.

Project in Yasothorn Province

Project in Chantaburi Province

Project in Nakhon Pathom Province

The Research Framework of CAI on “Development of Co-operatives and Fair Trade” during 2000-2016

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