About CAI

The Co-operative Academic Institute (CAI) was established in 2004 under the aforementioned strategy, it’s mandate is to be an academic institute that engage in research and academic support to the Co-operative Development both in co-operative movement and local community's sustainable development.

CAI is an organization in the Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University. CAI is a strategic unit that supports the Faculty of Economic on the promotion of interdisciplinary research and learning on the co-operative and community-based economy by engaging faculty members and researchers across the country.

CAI’s vision is to develop social innovation to promote co-operative values and sustainable development.

CAI’s main missions comprise of

1. Develop research-based knowledge and strategies for co-operative development

2. Provide various academic services aiming to strengthening and consolidating the co-operative movement and local communities

3. Develop the strategic partnership to advocate the co-operative values as well as sustainable development at both national and community level

4. Continuously Develop itself as the learning organization